About Us

BELFAST General Trading was established in 2008.Our main business activities include trading in rice, raw sugar, processed sugar, tea, pulses, olive and other foodstuff commodities.

We are involved in importing and exporting of rice, sugar, tea, olives and canned fresh fruits from Thailand, India, Brazil, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Spain, Greece and from other local sources in the UAE market.

We purchase directly from millers, growers, producers and wholesalers. In order to differentiate our product from our competitors, we guarantee best quality in the market. In addition all commodities are supplied as per BEST PRACTISE industry standards.


  • To provide our customers with best quality products and reasonable price matching with the current market.
  • To become a leading indicator of consumer purchase intentions and loyalty


  • To grow with our satisfied clients, provide upscale products at the market price
  • To expand our offices in the region in coming years and establish new markets for our products.
  • To be one of the leading and major foodstuff commodity provider.


  • On-time delivery and quality assurance with systematic measurement, in-line with International Standards, monitoring of processes and associated feedback.

BELFAST General Trading deals exclusively in Agricultural commodities with precision to QUALITY and ON-TIME DELIVERY.